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I like stuff don't you? So I thought I'd share some links that I found to different subjects and whatnot. I've bundled them into categories for easy consumption. Go fish!

Funny Stuff

Improv at its best!
Love the kids' reactions
Tatewaki Kuno
Daler Mehndi
Top 10 Nyan Cats :3
Vat19.com - Great site for Gag gifts!
Ice Fish Baby (song/music video)
Demotivational Site - great posters and sayings!
Linda Teaches U How to Make Salsa
8-Bit Theater - A Final Fantasy Online Comic
Elmo Says No! - A V For Vendetta Spoof (C For Cookie)
Brian Regan - A Great Comedian
Backin' Up and The Bed Intruder Songs - by Schmoyoho
Ninja Cat
Squirrel Obstacle Course
Dancing Brazillian Baby
Ever have issues being heard in a drive-thru?


Antineoplaston - A cure for cancer, no REALLY!
Youthful Beauty Tip - Mimi Kirk
Victoria Boutenko - Raw Vegan Health Benefits
Alicia Silverstone - Health Tip
Usana - Great Vitamins!
How Modern Foods Are Designed to be Addictive
Autism - See videos with Dr. Boyd Haley in Particular
Vaccine Safety
Dr. Mercola - Great Health Info!

Cool Stuff

Guy Rescues Hummingbird
Ninja Gaiden Music Performed on Electric Guitar
Lykke Li - Cool Swedish Pop Singer
Colbie Caillat - Kiss The Girl


Website of Jehovah's Witnesses
Blue Letter Bible - Handy Page For Multiple Translations of the Bible
My Research on Neanderthals and Nephilim
Intelligent Design and Why It Is Not Included In Science


On The Small Scale
On The Big Scale
Medical Art
All About Nature

Household Tips

Natural Ant Killer
Another Way To Get Rid of Weeds

Anime and Asian Entertainment

Main Theme to Taiwanese It Started With A Kiss Live Action
Vocaloid - Holographic Divas
Chinese Girls Dancing to Levan Polkka
Monster Asian Drama Site
Korean Shows and Movies
Cosplay Costumes


Learn Japanese Free - Decent site to Learn Some Japanese
Japanese Pod - Great for Conversational Japanese
Learn Chinese Everyday - Nice Chinese Site
Chinese Pod - Great for Conversational Chinese
Dr. Oh Teaches Korean


One Republic - electric violin cover by Bryson Andres


Khan Academy - I highly recommend for learning math and science

Web Design

Learn web design code