Us kids holding little Linda <3 (Mark, Marisa, Sean, and baby Linda)

Utah Copper Mine

Out with our cousins at a copper mine in Utah, pretty windy that day! (Jeremy, Sean, Mark, Marisa)

Mark Twain Apartments - Utah

Family picture of us with our cousins before a swim in the pool. =D (Mom, baby Michelle, Mark, Katie, Sean, Jeremy, Marisa, Linda, John, dog Suzie)

Mothy Lake - Wisconsin

Me playing seaweed monster at Mothy Lake in Wisconsin. (Mark, Marisa, Michelle and random person in bottom middle)

Michelle - The Trace in Wisconsin

Michelle with a super cute pose in our apartment at Arbor Trace in Wisconsin

Horseback in Aunt Linda's basement

Michelle getting a horseback ride from Marisa

Arbor Trace tricycle ride - Wisconsin

Michelle going for a ride at Arbor Trace in Wisconsin.

Car ride - Wisconsin?

Sean and our cousin Jeremy, best of buds <3

Sean and Jovan

Sean holding newborn Jovan

Baby Jovan

Jovan - the super happy adorable baby!!!!

Us and our cousins

Us kids hanging out playing video games. (Katie, Marisa, Matthew, Michelle, Jovan, Steven

Lex in Wisconsin

My friend Lex relaxing on her couch

Comic Shop in Wisconsin

The store sign I painted for 6th Avenue Cards and Comics in Wisconisn

Ice fishing in Wisconsin

Ice fishing with my friend Rebecca at her family's pond in Wisconsin. It was totally awesome!!! :D

Michelle - at 6 flags

Michelle at a theme park in Chicago I think...

Lex and Kai

My friend Lex and her husband Kai, making out at Universal Studios. *puchuuuu

Me and Lex and friends

Hanging out at Sarah's house (Kai, Lex, Vicki, Marisa)

Wet 'n wild

The day BK flooded, me and my old co-workers being naughty. (Marisa, Scott, Nicole)

Michelle - high school grad

Michelle's super hott high school graduation picture.

JW Convention

Me, Barbara and some brothers and sisters at the Jehovah's Witness convention before I got baptized. (I'm on the right, Barbara is to the left of the woman behind me)

Linda on couch

Linda on Mom's couch thinking.

Linda school pic

Linda's high school pic, freshman year???

Linda Graduation pic

Linda's high school graduation pic.

Family stack

All us siblings together for one of the last times :(Jovan, Michelle, Marisa, Linda, Sean, Mark)

Me at Lexy's house

Me outside of Lexy's place in Wisconsin.

Isaiah is so cute

Michelle and Michael's cute little baby Isaiah!!! So cute, so adorable, so baby ^^ I luv my little nephew <3

Isaiah really is cute