K-Pop Kara Junsu U-Kiss

Off with your turret, aren't we just terrified.
I only know that you're the one that always makes me feel it.
Can you see this? Guess so.

Everyone's a winner making my fame.

Nyan cat

Learn Asian Languages with Nyan Cat!
Language Really? Hello I love you
Chinese 真的吗? Zhen de ma? 你好 Ni hao 我爱你 Wo ai ni
Korean 진자 Jincha 안녕하세요 Anneonghasaeyo 사랑해 Saranghae
Japanese 本当に Hontou ni 今日は Konnichi wa 愛してる Aishiteru

cowboycowboy All I wanna do is eat tortillas, and take your queso?.
TMNTRT power

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